Planet Alternative 90.5 is a radio station featured in Young and Dumb. The station plays 1990's alternative rock, and is hosted by DJ Zero.

Description Edit

"Reviving the 1990's Alternative scene is what this station is all about. DJ Zero plays from a selection of well-known alternative and grunge artists from the 1990's." -OliCoon's YouTube channel

Planet Alternative 90.5 is an alternative rock radio station located in Los Angeles. It is hosted by DJ Zero, a sexually desperate man who tries to pick up women over the radio with love songs. The radio station is a known competitor with fellow alternative rock station Radio Hollywood, which broadcasts modern hipster-style alternative rock in comparison to Planet Alternative's more grunge-driven sound. Planet Alternative also has competition with Underground FM, despite it not being a legitimate radio station.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for Planet Alternative 90.5 can be found here.

Development Edit

Planet Alternative was one of the most recent radio stations added, as an intended replacement for pirate station Underground FM. Planet Alternative also developed out of and replaced cut radio station XFM, which also played post-grunge, but with more of a metal approach.

Trivia Edit

  • This is Oliver's favorite station along with Underground FM, as well as Adawolfa's favorite station.
  • Planet Alternative 90.5 was mainly inspired by alternative rock stations KROQ and ALT 98.7, however, it seems to take more influence from Sirius XM station Lithium, which focuses on 1990's alternative and grunge.
  • The playlist of Planet Alternative is very similar to the original playlist of Underground FM. Both play 1990's music from major rock scenes of the decade (Underground FM played punk as opposed to PA90.5's grunge), both playlists covered similar time slots (1991 - 2001 for Underground FM, 1992 - 2001 for PA90.5), and both have similar-sounding music. Olicoon's favorite genres are also pop punk and alternative.

See Also Edit

  • Underground FM, a radio station that plays punk rock, which Planet Alternative was designed to replace.
  • Radio Hollywood, a radio station that also plays alternative rock, but in the form of modern indie rock and dance-punk.
  • 97.8 KBIR, a radio station that plays classic rock from the UK and Australia.
  • XFM, a cut radio station that played alternative metal, which Planet Alternative evolved out of and partially replaced.