KDUB 105 is a radio station in Young and Dumb. The station plays reggae and dancehall, and is hosted by Lewis.

Description Edit

"This station was only put up due to the Carribean immigrants who made a big stink about wanting a reggae station. However, it does give us a good taste of what Central America is about." -OliCoon's YouTube channel

KDUB 105 is a reggae and dancehall station located in Los Angeles. It is hosted by Lewis, a person of Haitian descent who has a habit of frequently smoking cannabis. While it has no direct competiton, KDUB 105 does compete with Atlas Radio, which also plays reggae, amongst other genres.

Playlist Edit

The playlist for KDUB 105 can be found here.

Development Edit

KDUB 105 was originally Jamaican Jams, one of the original 9 radio stations developed for the series. Shortly after, it was changed to KDUB 104.8, and later, just KDUB 104. After a long time with this name, it was then simply changed as KDUB 105, although the frequency itself was not changed.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael, Milton, and Oliver like this station.
  • This is one of the few stations with no influence.
  • The station heavily references cannabis, or marijuana. A potleaf is featured in the logo, and Lewis has a habit of frequently smoking cannibis.
    • Jamaicans are stereotyped as frequently getting high off of cannibis.

See Also Edit

  • Atlas Radio, another station that plays reggae, amongst other genres.